High and Heavy services

C.RO is a general high & heavy logistics services provider:

  • Stevedoring of ro-ro deep sea and short sea vessels for construction
    and agricultural machines

  • Unloading and loading of containers with small machines and parts

  • Handling, indoor and outdoor storage of machines, equipment and parts

  • Technical preparation

  • PDI, enhancing, modification and repair activities

  • Specialized preparation center & repair and spraying workshops connected to Zeebrugge terminal:
    • Fully equiped for hydraulics and other modifications
    • Fully equiped for welding and assembly activities
    • Roofed washing area

  • Customs clearance and customs documentation

  • Organization of Inbound & Outbound Shipping

  • Organization of Transportation

  • European distribution center platform

  • Export preparation prior to shipping abroad
contruction machine on board discharging machine parts
indoor storage spraying workshop
welding activities roofed washing area